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Onoto Magna Plunger Filler
  • Onoto Magna Plunger Filler
  • Onoto Magna Plunger Filler
  • Onoto Magna Plunger Filler
  • Onoto Magna Plunger Filler
  • Onoto Magna Plunger Filler
  • Onoto Magna Plunger Filler

Onoto Magna Plunger Filler

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Onoto Magna Plunger Filler Prototype


This pen is the only prototype Magna (Simpole) pen in existence.

It bears no numbers on the silver cap top as it was not made to sell.

The Silver cap has a full set of British hallmarks as expected and includes the HCS (Henry Simpole) makers mark and the OPC mark for ONOTO. The date mark for London (n) confirms the year of manufacture

It was commissioned in 2012 and marked the first plunger filler pen based on the Magna design for Onoto for over 50 years and featured my cup washers which are now used by many vintage pen repairers all over the world.

The nib is an Onoto number 7m size and is made from 18ct two tone gold.

The pen draws up to 3ml of ink which is almost 3 times the volume of a standard converter. This is shown in the photo of the pen being weighed after filling.

Dimensions:- 155mm Long capped     Pen only 136mm

Weight:- 32gm capped.  Pen only unfilled 13.5gm

The pen was not designed to be posted as the plunger knob is adjustable to allow ink flow by opening a half turn before writing begins

British silversmith Henry Simpole made the beautiful overlay,which when examined has 'Onoto the Pen' name hidden in the silver overlay, and i designed and made the plunger filler mechanism based on the original De La Rue design using a silicone rubber for the cup washer, and a carbon fibre rod for strength.

The design is original and incorporates the ink shut-off conical valve that blocks the ink supply to the nib when the pen is not in use. The filling mechanism works via a vacuum and the pen fills with ink on the downstroke of the plunger when the silicone washer reaches the expansion chamber which releases the vacuum behind the seal and fills with ink.

I will supply the pen with a copy of the original CAD drawing in any format and was originally designed in Solid Edge 

The pen will be supplied in an Onoto case 

Please do not hesitate to ask for further details via the contact tab

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