Onoto type 3000 model rod
  • Onoto type 3000 model rod
  • Onoto type 3000 model rod

Onoto type 3000 model rod (Peek)

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Peek Rod for 3000 long model

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This rod is suitable for 3000 model pens. Aso known as the 'N' type pen

The rod length will be 83.4mm long which fits a barrel length of 78.4mm

It features a 5ba left hand thread for mounting the washerless style plunger and a 5ba left hand thread at the shank end


This new "Ketron Peek" option is now available which has proven in tests to be the ultimate material choice for this application and is manufactured from a single piece of material so dramatically increasing strength and ease of installing.


 What is Peek you might ask. Peek has a high strength combined with chemical resistance and is the most popular advanced engineering plastic material available.

 The rod comes 5 to 6mm longer than the required length to allow for adjustment. Please see the 'download' tab for further information on fitting


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Fitting Onoto Rod

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