Your terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

No responsibility will be accepted for any damage whatsoever caused by misuse or incorrect installation of any part

Rule 2

The guarantee (12 months)is only available to original purchasers who have proof of purchase.
The customer must allow ready access to all products for the purpose of inspection,replacement.

Any part found to be defective during the above guarantee period will be replaced without charge, providing that the product has been installed correctly

The guarantee excludes general wear and tear and damage caused by accident, misuse or neglect, and does not cover the following:

•    Components that are subject to general wear and tear such as seals, ‘O’ rings and washers etc.
•    Damage caused by faulty installation
•    The product being used for a purpose other than intended by the manufacturer.

In the interests of continuous product improvement we reserve the right to alter specification as necessary.

We reserve the right to add any part to our sales list that is manufactured by us