Spares for Onoto pens.

If are you are not sure which Onoto pen you have, select the link below :-

 Onoto Model Identification Guide


  • Onoto Plunger Bodies

    Plunger Bodies

  • Washers

    These washers are for Onoto plunger type pens and are an exact copy of the

    Onoto design,  they also maintain the characteristics of the original pen.

  • Onoto Rods

    Operating rods for Onoto pens

  • Cork Seals

    Cork seals for Onoto pens

  • Fixing Pins, cork...

    Rod / Plunger Pins

  • Restoration Packs

    All you need for Restoration

    Pen Model                Washer Size

    1000                          7.8

    2000                          7.8

    3000                          7.8

    3500                          7.8

    5600/6200                7.65

    Minor                        7.65

    Magna                       9.2  9.4  9.6  9.8

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