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MINOR or STYLO type rod
  • MINOR or STYLO type rod
  • MINOR or STYLO type rod

MINOR or STYLO type rod (Peek)

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Minor / Stylo  Rod In Peek

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This rod is suitable for th MINOR or STYLO type pen.

Its features are that it has a plain 3mm diameter end for fitting in the shank.

The plunger end is a conventional 5ba thread (left hand) to accept the plunger

The standard length for this pen is 68.5mm and the pen will have a barrel measuring 69mm

This new "Ketron Peek" option is now available which has proven in tests to be the ultimate material choice for this application and is manufactured from a single piece of material so dramatically increasing strength and ease of installing.


 What is Peek you might ask. Peek has a high strength combined with chemical resistance and is the most popular advanced engineering plastic material available.




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