Received 12th November

These are simply the best washers available since the demise of the originals,priced absolutely right!Will try to give more constructive feedback 2nd time round!Once word gets round,I'm sure you will be up 24/7 making these to satisfy demand!Oh yes,O & N size please.Best regards


Far better than Rubber/leather disc washers that are currently used.Delighted!!!

Probably the best washers made since the demise of the originals

Thanks - appreciate your help!! From Poland

Extraordinary BEST SELLER!! All in perfect condition and fast delivery!! THANKS From USA


Received March 3rd

Hi Roger,

I’ve ordered some of your Onoto plunger filler piston seals, and I must say :these are perfect !

 I  replaced the cup seal of an Magna and it was perfect !


Positive Feedback Received Prompt, courteous service for items as described. Thank you very much!       May 2011


Excellent, I have just carried out my very first Onoto plunger repair - Simples  17th June 2011

Positive Feedback Received alles bestens, sehr schneller Versand, gerne wieder  15th June 2011


thank you SO SO much! Superb items...your page is superb and your info as well. its  a boon to have people like you supplying these parts. Will be back


Received 10th April

Hi Roger

I am so happy - just had the satisfying sound of an Onoto washer doing its job wonderfully with a lovely plop sound,  from the pen that caused me so many problems over the weekend.  Really happy with your service and all your help and now confident to tackle more of these now I have been able to source such great parts that make the job truly satisfying. 

Many thanks you have a cusotmer for life.

Best wishes

Received October

Hi Roger,

Many thanks for the P61 connectors which arrived this morning.....Great
service as usual........and perfect product. 10/10 !

All the best,


 Received January

Many thanks for the 61 convertors....they arrived this morning....your perfect prompt service as ever! And a perfect product. 

Thanks for all your efforts in making these!

All the best,


Received May

Just letting you know that the connector arrived safely a few days ago, and that it fits perfectly.
I haven`t tried the pen with ink yet, as have another small issue to sort, but it looks excellent so far.
The part is very nicely made, very reasonably priced, and has helped resurrect what was a lost cause.
Thanks also for your quick turn around.

 Received December

Hi Roger,

Thanks to your parts I repaired 3 pens : a "N" dual feed sold in France in 1914 under the name "L'ONOTO importé d'Angleterre" and never inked ; my great uncle died in the trenchs before he got this present ... The two others, a 3050 and a big 5061 are now in great shape as well !! The new parts fit perfect and the repair tooks me hardly 2 hours. 

Thank you very much and kind regards  


Received February

Where would we be without you? Your brass Parker 61-65 connectors are better even than the originals, and furthermore add welcome weight to the pens. Whereas your CF-compatible ball point refills are a godsend. Many thanks for everything."
Received September
Its Steve here from Christchurch, New Zealand. Just to let you know that my order arrived today 14th September 2018.

The part ordered was the Parker 61 Brass connector. I have no idea if you make these parts, or have stock from somewhere but those connectors are perfect, beautifully machined.

I purchased a used Parker 61 via eBay from a seller in the Channel Islands, and I bought the pen knowing that the original plastic connectors were the weak link in an otherwise good pen.

On delivery of the pen and subsequent disassembly I found the original plastic connector had a split in it, and this was affecting how the pen performed.

I had no idea on where to start, and after numerous Google searches, Fountain Pen Network and You Tube I finally found your website.

I must admit to being a nervous about getting this part sight unseen, but it fitted perfectly and its made a huge difference to how this pen writes, feels and performs.

I'm amazed and grateful that people like you offer such a good service in not only supplying very hard to find parts, but your very reasonable prices, which make pen restoring such a pleasure.

All the more seeing that some of these pens are at least 40 years old.

I'm very appreciative for what you have been able to provide.